Apple Ginger With Chaga (6 pack)

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Spicy, Juicy, Crisp.

It’s like ginger and apple choreographed a dance to the new Ariana Grande song.

Säpp Birch Water Apple Ginger w/ Chaga is pure birch water that is sustainably tapped from wild forests in Vermont and New York. Säpp Birch Water has less sugar than coconut water, is hydrating and nutrient-rich, and only has the best possible ingredients: no stevia or lab-made flavors...only natural ingredients. Säpp is also fully sustainable. It contains naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, & electrolytes. Säpp is organic, non-gmo, naturally gluten-free, and vegan. Säpp Birch Water Apple Ginger w/ Chaga is spicy, juicy, and crisp. It feels like a campfire with friends on a brisk night!

Ingredients: Organic birch sap, organic apple juice, organic ginger juice, organic chaga extract