Hydration from the Forest!

Hello, we're Säpp and we're into Branching Out. 

Säpp is all natural birch water from the forests of Vermont and upstate New York.  

  • 3x less sugar than coconut water (not to throw shade)
  • Hydrating and nutrient-rich
  • We use the best possible ingredients: no stevia or "natural flavors" 
  • One more thing: we're sustainable and we plant trees, because we love them 

Why Branch Out?  

We think life is one big adventure, and we’re up for it. We prefer our hands dirty, our drinks pure, and our air mountain-fresh. We know we can’t be in nature all the time, but we can take a piece of it with us, because we believe in the power of forests to provide sustainable, nutrient-rich ingredients. Some may call us tree huggers. We’re totally ok with that.

We’re Säpp and we’re made by forests.

Our Harvest


Let’s dig into our harvest. Birch sap has been harvested in Eastern Europe for centuries, in Spring. Since the sap is only harvested once a year the trees have three whole other seasons to soak up what the nutrient-rich soil wants to give them. So, those nutrients and all of the spirits of the forest (kidding, kind of) are in this deeply-rooted, super hydrating drink.

This is how we tap into the forest!

Step One
Sapp Step 1

Our trees spend the entire year absorbing rich and diverse minerals from the earth's soil.

Step Two
Sapp Step 1

Säpp is rich in traditions - in parts of the world like Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, the annual collecting of birch sap represents the onset of Spring.

Step Three
Sapp Step 1

When the weather is warm and the sap starts to rise, we tap in. Our tapping process is completely sustainable - we're smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds us. 

Step Four
Sapp Step 1

We harvest our sap for a few weeks, tops. So, each year, what's bottled is what you'll be drinking. Then we patch up our trees, give them a pat, and let them chill. 

We bring the forest to the concrete jungle.

We’re pretty proud of the fact that our sap comes from the forests of Vermont and upstate New York, making it the first pure, U.S. sourced birch sap on the market. Drinking Säpp helps to fight deforestation by keeping the trees alive, giving them a job when they would otherwise be cut down. We also plant trees as a part of Säpp's mission to keep our air clean and our planet green.